Hedge Cutting Surrey
09 Jan
Useful Tips for Hedge Trimming

Nothing looks more beautiful in a garden than a beautifully maintained hedge. The wall of green adds a whole new look to your front or backyard. However, maintaining a hedge is not a cakewalk. It takes proper knowledge and experience for the task, so most people prefer to hire professional hedge cutting in Surrey.

The Right Way to Trim a Hedge

1. Take a Look Through the Hedge

It is always ideal for looking through the hedge for any waste material stuck there like balls, toys, old containers, soft drink cans, etc. You might also come across a bird’s or wasp’s nest, and hitting them while cutting could be dangerous.

2. Keep the Blades Sharp

This one is a no-brainer. Your hedge will not look good if they are not trimmed to the tee. Ragged ends do not look suitable for hedges. Ensure the blades are sharp before cutting so that the same consistency is maintained across the whole hedge. You can take your blade for sharpening before trimming session.

3. Consistent Cutting Motion

Start with the vertical side of the hedge first. Go with a downward and upward motion to keep the cutting consistent. At the top of the hedge, maintain a 10-degree angle and sweep cut the branches and leaves. If it is too tricky for you, call in a professional.

Experts advise to hand-prune the hedges to allow sunlight to reach deep inside. So, after every few feet, you should reach in manually and clip a couple of branches to make way for light and air inside.

4. Choose the Right Time

Last but not least, you should choose the right time for trimming. Autumn is more or less ideal, but wintertime is even better. You have a lesser chance of cutting off new growth and allow your plants to be ready for springtime blooms.

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