Tree Stump Grinding Surrey
13 Aug
Understanding the Difference Between Stump Removal and Stump Grinding

Most people who own a lawn often tend to put the least attention on stump removal. Stump removal not only involves plucking the stump but also includes removing the roots connected to it. Therefore, you may end up churning out the best blocks of soil in your yard. Stump grinding in Surrey, alternatively, happens to be a much flexible route for residents to choose in Surrey as it does not involve eliminating each tree root. Here are some facts to clear out your doubts regarding these two procedures.

What happens to the left-over roots following stump grinding? Can they shoot again?

People often ask this question, as it is something they worry about. The answer tends to be a ‘No’; tree roots may not be able to shoot out as a tree after stump grinding or the stump has been crushed down. The tree roots or bulbs will degenerate over the years.

Some people listen to this and further fear about having a gaping sinkhole in their lawn within five years – but this is not an element you should worry about either. The tubers decay into the earth in a way that there would not ever be any vacuum. Also, this process happens to be very gradual; therefore, even if it at all happens, then there might be some moderate caving near the topsoil, and nothing more at least, for a few years.

How far does stump grinding penetrate?

There are tools that can perform grinding as deep as 18 inches inside the soil. As per industry norms, the stump grinding continues until there is no trunk left anymore. That is the standard practice most experts follow in Surrey. If you are thinking, well, how deep does grinding go then the outcome is based on various factors.

Some trees grow with trunks shallower than others. It is the general rule of thumb to define that the sycamore trunk goes deeper than a cottonwood, and a white oak trunk goes to greater depths than a sycamore’s. Other than that, your neighbourhood arborist can assess the trunk’s bottom when they arrive for stump grinding in Surrey.

How can you utilise the left-over sawdust?

After completion of the process, you need to utilise the sawdust for filling the hole created after grinding. Although odds are, you’ll be left with more sawdust after filling the void. At some tree service companies in Surrey, they haul off your excess sawdust and will carry it to a compost centre; to be grounded into mulch.