Hedge Trimming and Cutting Surrey
19 Aug
Tips to Maintain an Aesthetic Garden Hedge

Gardens increase the aesthetic value of your property. Hedges are placed in the yard, not for their colours or beautiful smell. They focus on some aspects of your garden and complete the overall look of it. But that aside, the upkeep of a garden takes some work, especially the hedges.

Here are some tips for maintaining the beautiful garden hedge that you are struggling with.

How to maintain your garden hedges?


  • Choose a hedge design: There are various styles for hedges that you can opt for. It depends on your taste entirely. Do you want a neat and straightforward hedge design, or do you want to go a little creative and create animal shapes or something like that with the hedge in your yard? Whatever it is, first decide before you start trimming.
  • Learn the method of hedge trimming: Hedge trimming is not all fun and games. There are different techniques involved in different hedge designs. It will help if you learn basic pruning to more advanced precision cutting to achieve the desired hedge shape.
  • Check the calendar for the best time to trim: Some plants may grow fast, whereas others may take time to develop. Before you plant any hedge, please do thorough research about the time it takes for the plant to grow and the best time to trim it. Plants that tend to blossom in summer, you can cut them at the end of winter. Similarly, for spring plants, you can cut them after they have bloomed.
  • Focus on the hand shears first: Focusing on this aspect will keep the plants intact for longer. Focus on narrowing the upper part while keeping the lower part of the tree full.
  • Have all the right tools: You need to have few devices like the hedge trimmer, the gear, and shear handy if you are going to trim the hedge on your own. These are the essential equipment to maintain a garden hedge.

A garden looks incomplete without a hedge. But hedges need quite a lot of maintenance to serve the purpose for which they are planted in the garden in the first place. It will help if you trim the hedges periodically and adequately to keep your garden looking neat and clean.

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