Hedge Trimming Surrey
22 Jun
The Ultimate Guide to Hedge Trimming and Pruning

Proper trimming and pruning the hedges are essential skills to enhance the garden aesthetics. The rows of thickly planted shrubs are a handsome way to define the property boundaries. However, they need proper maintenance, watering, pruning to look their best. Over time, these hedges overgrow, look unkempt, leggy, scraggly and unsightly. Hence, with proper sculpting done by the professionals for hedge cutting in Surrey, the hedges look trimmed, net, healthy and symmetrical.

The Types of Hedge Trimming Tools

Proper hedge trimming requires appropriate knowledge and skills, and eventually, it becomes a pleasure rather than a pain. You can also hire tree surgeons in Surrey for bespoke services.

The range of tools utilised for this purpose are as follows – 

  • Hand pruners
  • Hedge clippers 
  • Curved saw
  • Pruning loppers
  • Electrical hedge trimmers 

You should also wear personal protective equipment during hedge trimming like heavy-duty gloves, protective eyewear, protective garments and boots. 

Ways to Correctly Trim the Hedges

  1. Understanding the shape dynamics – The experts recommend trimming into an inverted keystone shape with a broad base and narrow top. You should also decide how high you want it.  
  2. Correcting measurements – Most professionals do tape measuring to get the perfect shape and size of the hedges.   
  3. Cutting from the ground up – This is an easy method to get uniform linings. It is difficult to adjust the cutting depth at the bottom. The types of cutting include a gliding motion, back and forth cuts, and small, slightly angled sweeping cuts. Remove any dead wood from the origin. 
  4. Other methods – Hand pruning with the hand-held pruners is also essential besides shearing. It helps you take off the branches, keep the hedges neat, tidy. 
  5. Prune during winters- This is the best time to go about the process because of less humidity and moisture content in the air. During winters, the shrubs are dormant, have few leaves, and the buds are yet to break. 

 Valuable Tips for Hedge Trimming

  • Always trim and prune the mature hedges at first. This promotes a better and healthier hedge growth.
  • Always inspect the hedges for a bird’s nest as you could damage those little lives with your tools. 
  • It is necessary to keep the blades sharp to get accurate results.
  • Choose the proper time to do hedge cutting and trimming and never rush with the process.

For better hedge trimming and pruning services, consult Arboright for their exclusive hedge cutting techniques. They offer ad hoc jobs, seasonal work and formative pruning for commercial properties.