Surrey Tree Services
13 Feb
All you Need to Know to Hire a Tree Surgeon for Healthy Trees

The requirement for healthy trees is a must for the ecosystem. It provides fresh oxygen by filtering out all the impurities. Be it a commercial or residential property, you can do the maintenance of trees with the help of experts like a tree surgeon in Surrey.

What does the Tree Surgeon do?

Also known as an arborist, they possess specialized skills and experience in taking care of trees. They maintain it and inspect its health from time to time. After proper assessment, they trim the leaves and extra branches, fertilize them, and preserve it for a long time. By hiring the best tree surgeon in Surrey, you can efficiently enhance the landscape’s beauty and greenness.

Services and it’s Kind

The tree surgeon performs multiple numbers of services in this field. These are as follows – 

  • Planting new trees or re-planting them
  • Reduces the overgrown crown 
  • Trims and manages the hedges      
  • Coppicing 
  • Help avoid thinning of the crown
  • Prunes the trees for more growth
  • Pollarding or cutting the branch tops for more growth
  • Stump Removal   
  • Excess branch or limb removal

Considerations before Choosing the Right One

  • Understand the Knowledge Levels

Check whether he can correctly assess the problems, identify the types of trees, their safety, surroundings, etc. He should also have a basic conception of the lightings, aesthetics of the trees, and more so that they can adequately fulfill all the requirements. 

  • The Tool Usages

Another critical factor is checking the equipment they use. An arborist should utilize excellent and well-managed tools. They are an indicator of the quality of services they provide.

  • Insurance

Every tree surgeon should have some essential and necessary documents. This is a risky procedure that demands compliance with the higher authorities. So in case of a mishap, the company can cover for it.

  • Safety

Before beginning any work, security is a must. During the time of tree surgery, it can always collapse. They should undergo safety precautions immediately. This way, damage can be minimized. Likewise, they can also balance the appearance of the place.

  • Qualifications

Since the task is delicate, the professional should be qualified enough to handle it smoothly. Besides the skill and training, they should know how to prevent anything catastrophic from happening.   

  • Cooperative

They should listen to the suggestions of all, especially if there are any property owners. They should also be available for any alterations if needed.