tree hedges cutting and trimming
12 Feb
Prominent Signs that Indicate Your Tree Hedges Need to be Trimmed

A garden is a vital area in your property that maintains both aesthetic and monetary value. To maintain its look, you must take special care of the trees. From cutting the high-reaching branches to trimming the leaves, there are various tree care techniques that you must follow.

Let the Professionals Trim the Tree Hedge:

Among all the tree care routines, cutting the hedges is one of the most vital activities. You must take the help of professionals in hedge cutting in Surrey, who can ensure performing the job safely. They have access to technically upgraded tools, making the task easier.

How to Know If Your Tree Hedges Need to be Trimmed?

As a garden owner, you should notice the trees regularly. Once in a while, you can notice certain signs indicating the need for hedge cutting and trimming. We point out these signs elaborately in the following section of the blog.

  • Foliage Density: Trees with higher foliage density can be a potential cause of danger. The chances of hazard increase during heavy rainfall or storms. The presence of leaves on the branches can prompt the limbs to break off. If you are unable to see through the branches, do not delay calling in a hedge-trimming professional.
  • Uneven Spread in Tree Width: Do you feel a tree has overgrown too much? Is it interfering with the vital connections of your property, like electric poles? Then, it’s a potential sign to trim off the hedge. Specific branches in the tree that cross other branches and limbs can be a potential cause of decay as well. This will distort the original shape of the tree.
  • Broken Tree Branches: The branches in a tree can get damaged due to various reasons. Accidents or natural hazards are the two most common occurrences that can damage these branches. You might notice this type of damage especially after rainfall or heavy winds. If not removed on time, the branches can fall and cause damage to individuals and property. Regular inspections and proper hedge trimming can help ensure your trees are intact.

If you notice any of these signs in the trees present in your garden, get the hedges trimmed under professional supervision. Get in touch with a reliable source like Arboright, a well-established tree care company based in the UK. Our team consists of professionals in hedge cutting in Redhill who have worked with a diverse range of clients over the years. To learn more about our business, you can visit our website today.