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08 Jun
How to Safely Engage in Hedge Cutting in Surrey?

Hedge cutting removes the unwanted parts of the shrubs and trees and creates an aesthetically pleasing boundary around the garden. They generally add beauty and financial value to the property. However, hedge cutting is not easy and can’t be done without professional experience. Like normal plants, the hedges around your garden need to be maintained. They must be watered regularly and trimmed effectively from time to time to retain their shape and keep the premises clean and neat.

For hedge cutting in Surrey, hire professional tree surgeons who have the right set of tools and experience in handling such trimming works. Before you start trimming the hedges or hire a professional for the same, read on and check the same.

When do you Need a Hedge Trimming Process?

New hedges of the plants generally need trimming and pruning in the early days to avoid any mess-ups. Hedge cutting helps form the shape and ensures that proper growth of the trees is taking place. Proper care should be taken to retain the shape of the old trees, where the hedges have already been trimmed.

There is no specific season for hedge trimming because the same depends on the plants present in your garden and surrounding property.

What are the Major Hedge Trimming Tools?

You’ll find the right hedge trimming tools with professional tree surgeons. If you’re thinking of a DIY hedge cutting process, then make sure that you buy the following hedge trimming tools. These are some of the common types of hedge trimming tools.

  • Hand pruning machines
  • Curved saw for shaping the trees
  • Hedge clippers for clipping off the leaves
  • Electrical hedge trimmers for fast trimming
  • Pruning loppers

What are the Correct Ways of Hedge Trimming?

Trim the hedges of your trees by maintaining a shape because random trimming will not lead to any effective result. The effective process is first to eliminate the long branches and make the same parity. Then the sides of the trees are hedged so that sufficient sunlight enters the trees and helps in the growth process.

Proper maintenance of the trimmed hedges of the garden is also essential to make sure that the hedge cuttings and shopping stays in place for a long time. The cutter bar needs to be held horizontally to trim the hedges effectively. This will help you to cut the hedges in a proper manner and with the perfect angle.

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