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10 Mar
4 Safety Tips to Keep in Mind While Engaging in Hedge Cutting

Tree hedges are used for various purposes. You can trim down the same and use it as a protective border around the fence. Then, there’s also the option of having a decorative hedge that not only covers properties visually from neighbours but also makes your front yard look beautiful and appealing. No matter what sort of tree hedge you prefer, there comes a time when you need to trim it down.

Hedge trimming helps to encourage positive and healthy growth of the tree and prevents messy situations around the fences and house. However, you must never undertake a DIY hedge cutting venture on your shoulders without proper tools and knowledge. Call professionals for hedge cutting in Surrey. They have the right set of tools and experience to do the job efficiently.

However, if you’re in for a minor trimming of the hedges, then make sure that you follow these safety tips specifically to avoid any accident.

How to Ensure a Safe Hedge Trimming Process?


Use a Decent Hedge Trimmer

Before you begin the job, make sure that you have a decent, well maintained and polished trimmer for the job. Make sure that you buy a double-sided hedge trimmer with reciprocating blades. This will help you easily cut corners and make a decorative piece of trimming. Using sharp blades as a blunt blade might slow down the process and damage the plants and the birds inhabiting the same.

Use Protective Clothing

Make sure that you use gloves, goggles and well-fitting clothes to avoid damage or accidents during the process. In case you’re not careful, a sudden twig might hit you in the eyes, which will make you lose your eyesight. Well-fitted clothes are also necessary to avoid sudden accidents.

Avoid Trimming During Rains

Trimming the hedges during the monsoons can be a risky venture. Make sure that you avoid the same. When the leaves become wet, it becomes difficult to cut smoothly. Hence make sure that you start doing the work under the scorching summer sun.

Make Sure you’re Alert

You must be completely alert and active while you’re onto it. If you feel sleepy or tired, postpone the same for later. Fatigue or drinking before starting the trimming job can be dangerous for you. Ensure that you’re always alert as you’ll be using dangerous tools throughout the process.

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