remove deadwood
19 Jan
Why should you remove deadwood from your trees?

Deadwood refers to any part of a tree that ceased to be alive. Regular deadwood removal is an essential part and parcel of tree care. You need to hire a tree surgeon in Dorking not only to remove deadwood regularly but also to enhance the aesthetic appeal of trees.

But how exactly does deadwood removal keep a tree healthy? Let’s find out together.

What is deadwood?

Deadwood is the dead or dying parts of a tree. Hence, the process of deadwood removal ultimately refers to the cutting away of any branches or parts that have withered away. The underlying causes of deadwood could be tree disease, pest infestations or even physical damage.

However, spotting and removal of deadwood should be left to the professionals. They are the right person to identify which branches need removal. The deadwood branches usually lose their leaves, become brittle or develop a grey or brownish colour when they die. However, often dormant tree branches may resemble the appearance of deadwood. Only an experienced eye can distinguish one from the other.

How is deadwood bad for trees?

Deadwood can pose serious hazards to the tree and its surrounding environment. Dead branches could be dangerous if left alone. They are prone to breakage and can fall abruptly, causing property damage and even lethal accidents.

Deadwoods also nourish the growth of fungi, bacteria and other insects. This can not only spread the infections into the healthier parts of the tree, compromising the overall structural integrity of the tree.

The third reason you should consider deadwooding is the aesthetic appeal of your garden spaces. The presence of deadwood makes the tree look diseased and gloomy. Hence, removing these branches can foster new growth and breathe new life into your outdoor space. A deadwood-free garden is not only healthy for the surrounding flora and fauna but also aesthetically appealing.

Why should you trim away the deadwood today?

Deadwood removal should be a part of your tree’s hygiene routine. It can even save dying trees. After the dead branches are sawed off, the tree allocates its nutrients and resources to its healthy parts.

However, deadwood removal is no amateur’s job. You need to hire a professional arborist or a tree surgeon in Surrey to identify, isolate and precisely cut off the branches. Reach out to Arboright for your deadwood problems, and our team of expert tree surgeons can completely revamp the appearance of your garden.