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09 Jul
Why Is It Important to Prune Trees Regularly?

Most people tend to plant a tree and forget about it. While the smaller plants, gardens and greenhouse plants are meticulously cared for, it isn’t the same with trees. Most people do not realize that trees, even if they are fully grown, have to be cared for so that they remain healthy. You shouldn’t just contact a tree surgeon in Dorking when it is an emergency; there are other times as well. Getting your trees pruned regularly is very important. The best time to do an annual tree check-up is during the dormant season. The task can be dangerous, so make sure to have a professional do it.

Why is it vital to indulge in pruning?

There are three significant reasons why regular tree pruning is essential. Safety, health and aesthetics are three of the leading causes. A tree is entirely on your property is very rare. Usually, the branches of your tree might extend on the sidewalk, a road or above the neighbour’s yard. Even if it doesn’t show on the outside, there might be a dead or diseased branch in there. This branch could fall on you, your neighbour, and their pet or a pedestrian on the road. Apart from human safety, it also affects the health of the tree. An overcrowded crown is fatal to the life of the tree. Sometimes, one diseased branch can also cause the death of the tree. Apart from that, if you like spruce trees, regular pruning is the key to keep them good looking.

Pruning influences the way a tree grows. With proper pruning, you can configure the tree with a more organized structure of limbs and branches. This will lend structural integrity to the tree. This will mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling branches.

Pruning a tree requires a lot of knowledge and technical experience. You could get hurt doing it yourself and also kill the tree in the process. It is best to trust an expert tree surgeon in Dorking. Choosing a company with more than a decade of experience in the field will be a wise option. They have the experts in the area that will take care of all your needs.