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10 Sep
When Should You Call a Tree Surgeon – Major Warning Signs Explained

Trees are an integral part of our ecosystem and they should always be nurtured and taken care of. Having a lush green lawn surrounded by trees and shrubs is something almost every homeowner desires. But to ensure the same, you must try to call for a skilled tree surgeon in Redhill with the right level of expertise in offering a range of tree management services.

Major Signs You Must Consult a Tree Surgeon

Following here are some of the most common and serious signs which indicate you might need to hire a tree surgeon.

Dead Branches

Check whether any tree in your garden has a dead branch, indicating that the tree is dying. The colour of a dead branch will not be the same as that of a healthy tree. So, you can easily understand it. Moreover, you can easily check by plucking a small stick from the branch or tree and trying to break it. If it breaks easily, then the branch is probably dead, as healthy branches aren’t easy to break.

Overgrown Trees

An overgrown tree can become a serious obstruction while walking around your home or on the road beside it. Removing and trimming them properly is what you should ideally do to eliminate such issues and ensure a sufficient flow of light and air.

Large Crown

The crown is mainly the top part of a tree, including its branches, leaves, and trunk. And if it has gone big enough while blocking the sunlight and making the area to appear dull, it’s time for you to contact a tree surgeon.

Root Damage

It is also important to ensure that the roots of your trees aren’t damaged. Look for the tell-tale signs that indicate that the roots are damaging and they need immediate care. Noticing wilting on the tree is a serious sign of root damage, and if you observe the same, you must get in touch with a tree surgery specialist.

The Bottom Line

All these above signs are the potential reasons to avail of tree surgery services. And while looking for a reputed name, you must rely upon the experts of Arboright. We are a 12-year experienced arboriculture company that provides a range of tree surgery services in and around Redhill, Dorking Kingswood, Capel, Caterham, Brockham, and more. Contact our experts now to know more about our services.