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24 Mar
What to Expect from a Certified Tree Surgeon

Taking care of trees may sound easy, but it involves a lot of tasks. Tree care also demands in-depth knowledge and high skill. Thus the role of a professional and certified tree surgeon is quite significant in maintaining the health of your garden area. They execute a lot of tasks to keep the trees in good health and good shape.

Before you hire one, you should know what to expect from a certified tree surgeon in Dorking.

Jobs a Tree Surgeon Can Do

A tree surgeon can be hired to perform multiple tasks to meet the requirements of the clients. This can involve;

  • Tree felling
  • Pruning
  • Planting
  • Log splitting
  • Removal of trees

Why Look for a Professional Tree Surgeon

A professional tree surgeon not only cuts and removes trees. They ensure that you have healthy trees. They also ensure the safety of the trees as well as the surrounding areas. To ensure this, they perform specific tasks.

  1. Inspect the Trees

Regular inspection of the trees helps them to understand the health condition of your garden. They assess the trees and keep an eye on the potential hazards.

  1. Take Necessary Measures

After the inspection, these experts decide how much work should be performed to save the damaged trees and improve the overall condition of the garden. They take the necessary steps to protect the trees from damages.

  1. Safe Removal of the Damaged Trees

They not only inspect the trees but also help you in safe and right removal of the damaged and dead trees to eliminate the chance of having accidents. They use modern tools to remove the dead trees as well as the dead branches safely from your premises.

  1. Regular and Proper Pruning

Pruning is essential to keep the growth of the trees intact. Besides, it is also useful to maintain the look of the trees. A certified tree surgeon in Dorking will offer regular pruning to maintain the shape and growth of your trees uninterrupted. They use the best tools and follow the right techniques for this job.

  1. Planting and Maintaining the Trees

Tree surgeons are also closely involved in planting and maintaining the trees. They will discuss your requirements and desires before planting the trees at your place. They follow the safety measures and the right procedures for tree planting to offer you the best results.

Apart from all these jobs, these experts often provide their clients with useful tips and tree care advice that you follow on your own. is a newly established business, but the team has the experience of working in this industry for more than 12 years. They offer different types of services to fulfil your requirements at a competitive price.