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11 Jul
What is the Difference Between a Tree Surgeon and an Arborist?

Knowing the difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist is essential so that you can call the right person for the job. If you come across an agency offering both the services, then walk into and state your problem. They will send the right person for the job. However, knowing the functions and works of both professionals is essential if you have to employ one on your own.

Tree surgeon in Dorking are responsible for diagnosing and treating plant diseases, fungal infections and nutritional deficiencies in the trees. Thus they care about the complete welfare of the tree’s health. Arborists, on the other hand, will examine the texture of the leaves and trunks and determine the irregularities in your trees.

How will you understand who to call? Read on and get some tips for the same

A tree surgeon is a man of action. If the tree stumps have been damaged or the branches have outgrown dangerously, then the tree surgeon is the man to call. They are responsible for challenging jobs that include grinding, tree felling, stump removal and shaping of the branches.

On the contrary, arborists will carefully make assessments of the tree’s nature and type of soil and determine the type of plant treatment suitable for the trees’ growth. Unlike the tree surgeons, an arborist is responsible for helping you get the best treatment you need for your trees and plants.

Certifications required for a Tree surgeon vs Arborist

To practise as a professional tree surgeon, you must undertake formal education in urban forestry or arboriculture. On the other hand, an arborist can take certifications in arboriculture, landscape designs and horticulture.

Companies hiring tree surgeons have their own set of standards which every tree surgeon needs to comply with. The requirement for a tree surgeon is minimal and requires minimum knowledge of school graduation or equivalent.

The functional difference between a tree surgeon and an arborist

A skilled and experienced tree surgeon is adept in activities like pruning and removing trees. They are the professionals who can easily take up a saw and remove the trunks and branches of the trees. They are responsible for bringing the tree’s shape back and controlling the outgrown portions. On the other hand, a qualified arborist will not be able to cut or remove tree stumps, and they can only guide you with the tree’s growth and well-being.

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