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17 Aug
Tree Trimming vs Tree Pruning – Know the Major Differences

Tree care is a technique to take out the dead leaves and branches from the tree and promote tree growth at the earliest. From the tree surgeons in Surrey, you may hear about different terms like tree trimming, pruning and cutting. Although the terms might seem similar to any layman, the professionals know the difference between the three. 

As there’s a difference between the limb and the branch of the tree, so is there a vast difference between trimming and pruning. Trimming is a process of tree surgery where the tree doctors trim down a few parts of the tree to keep it healthy. 

What is Tree Trimming?

Trimming is a healthy process, and it allows the trees, shrubs and hedges to grow healthily. Commercial premises need trimming the most. It is the process of making the trees look attractive and less messy. Just like the way you go to the parlour for trimming your hair, commercial tree services offer the same service for the trees. Trimming also improves the appearance of the tree and helps to get rid of the dead parts. 

What is Tree Pruning?

Pruning is not about making the tree attractive. Rather the tree doctors are more focused on removing the unnecessary parts of the branches, roots and trees. Moreover, in some cases, the branch of a tree may grow in the wrong direction. This makes the electrical wires and the structures near the branch vulnerable. That’s the time when trimming is not going to work; rather, pruning is necessary. Pruning may not be necessary at frequent intervals; however, the process will help keep the tree’s growth intact. Moreover, compared to trimming, pruning is a long process. It is time-consuming and may create a mess all around. 

The Difference in Equipment Pieces

Both trimming and pruning are done using different categories of equipment pieces. Hence, when you hire a professional, let them know the exact reason behind the hiring. If you want to prune, then inform them beforehand to carry the necessary tools along with them. For pruning, the professionals generally use head shears or lopping shears. These are good enough for the thin branches; however, a saw is required for the purpose if a thick branch needs to be cut. 

In trimming, on the other hand, there are no such obligations. Professionals generally don’t need saws for shears for cutting the parts. They majorly use big scissors or trimmers that serve the purpose well. They are enough to trim down the shrubs and promote healthy growth for the trees. 

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