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27 Nov
Why Do Tree Surgeons Prefer Autumn to Conduct Maintenance Work?

Like any preventative maintenance work, tree maintenance needs the right timing. You may trim the hedges or leaves as a basic step, but to protect them from deadly diseases, focus on a specific season. If you ask the experts, most will prefer autumn or spring.

Communicate with a Professional Tree Surgeon:

When hiring a tree surgeon in Surrey, you must tell them about the right time to take preventative care of your tree. While spring is a preferred season, most surgeons opt for autumn season. It possesses the most suitable weather and guarantees lesser tree growth in the coming few months.

The Popularity of Autumn as A Season for Tree Maintenance:

Apart from being a suitable season, autumn is a preferred season for tree maintenance for multiple reasons. Some are discussed in the following part of this blog.

  • Reduced Risk of Disease: In autumn, the pests and insects become less active and dormant. When you schedule tree surgery or preventative maintenance during this period, you can worry less about diseases or pest infestations. This will also prevent the chance of the spread of diseases to the neighbouring trees in the garden. Your trees will remain protected before the harsh winter season.
  • Better Visibility: Autumn is the season when the leaves fall. As a result, the tree surgeon will be able to get a clear view of your tree’s structure. This helps them to perform their job smoothly. They can easily identify the weaker branches and affected limbs that would rather be impossible during the summer or spring. With an accurate assessment, you can remain assured of a precise tree surgery.
  • Promotes Better Growth for Spring: Maintaining your trees during the autumn gives you a much-needed head start. It ensures the proper growth of the branches during spring. The surgeons will remove the dead and diseased branches to foster better growth during the warmer months.
  • Guarantees Optimal Healing: The favourable weather condition during the autumn months makes it the perfect season for healing. The temperature naturally cools down, and the trees enter into a dormant phase. The trees remain less active and spend less energy on growth. As a result, they can heal faster after undergoing the surgery.

These are a few reasons why autumn is the most favourable season for tree surgery and preventative maintenance. For proper assistance from the experts, you can get help from Arboright. We are a well-known business with a team of expert tree surgeons in Surrey. For any kind of enquiries on tree surgery or maintenance, you can contact us or visit our website.