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06 Oct
Tips For Autumn And Early Winter Tree Care

Fall and winter can be very mild seasons for your trees. During this time of the year, the trees require special care. It is essential to take extra care of your trees during this time to ensure they are healthy. You can get help from a tree surgeon in Reigate professionals to provide proper care of your trees as the mercury drops.

Here are a few tips of tree care during autumn and early winter:

  • Organic Mulch

Make sure to apply composted organic mulch under your tree during autumn and early winter. This can help to retain water and also to decrease temperature extremes in the soil. However, even a thin layer of mulch can give protection to the roots of the trees.

  • Proper Watering

It is not only during the summer, but the trees require extensive watering during winter too. The habit of watering can contribute to the proper growth of the trees. However, make sure to water the tree when the soil is not frozen but cold.

  • Wrapping Young Trees

Ice and snow accumulation can lead to branch breakage and splitting. By wrapping your young trees with plastic guard or metal hardware cloth, you can help to prevent such issues. It can also help the tree from temperature damage. Do remember to remove the wrapping during spring as then this might affect the gradual growth of the tree.

  • Prune the Trees

Autumn and early winter is the right time to prune the trees. Since the trees are dormant during colder months, it is easier to prune the trees during this time. The colder months make the structure of the trees more visible, thus making the process easy.

  • Good Time to Plant

This time of the year is exceptionally suitable for planting new trees. At the same time, many might not realise so as the colder months are known for falling leaves. The condition in cold weather is right for stimulating the roots. Thus, the seeds can be established by autumn and eventually fully be grown during the spring.

Make sure to consult the right professionals who can advise you with the proper maintenance of the trees. This can help your trees from any susceptible damage it can concur during colder months.

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