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08 May
The Importance of Hedge Cutting in Your Residential Property

When you plan to maintain your garden to give it a fresh and alluring appearance, you cannot ignore the hedges. They are one of the vital ornamental parts of your garden. Your garden hedges demand regular and proper maintenance. 

You may prefer to have seasonal or evergreen hedges for your property. It can vary in sizes as well, but all of them need regular trimming. There are reasons to hire experts for hedge cutting in Surrey. 

Why is Hedge Cutting Crucial?

  • Maintain the Health

Like every other tree and plant in your garden, the hedges also need to be trimmed to obtain healthy life. Frequent trimming of hedges will help you to remove the dead and diseased parts from the plant. This practice will keep those hedges healthier throughout the year. 

  • Aesthetic Appeal

Frequent trimming will not allow the hedges to overgrow. This is important for keeping the aesthetic appeal of your garden intact. A well-managed garden must have well-trimmed hedges to look perfect.

  • Maintain the Privacy

As the Anti-Social Behaviour Act 2003: Part 8 (2005) outlines, hedges cannot exceed more than 2 metres in height. People living in Surrey, Redhill and Reigate area must maintain this height. This is to prevent tall hedges from obstructing lights and not let them affect the views in neighbouring properties.

  • Overall Value

A property with a well-maintained garden area always gets higher value in the property market. Houses with well-maintained hedges are considered an excellent investment for many buyers and estate agents.

For many homeowners, hedge cutting or trimming is a DIY job. However, you should always consider hiring tree care experts to obtain a flawless result. 

To hire a reliable and experienced tree surgeon in Surrey, you can contact Arboright. We have vast experience in all kinds of tree surgery services for the local people of Surrey. 

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