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08 May
Stump Grinding Process – Know The Process and Risks of Stumps

Do you have a pesky stump right in the middle of the garden? Hiring a professional for stump grinding in Dorking is the most feasible decision. However, many need help with the dilemma before opting for stump grinding. So you need to know how the stump grinding process works. You should also be acquainted with the risks involved if you still need to get the stump removed on time.

What is stump grinding?

With the help of professional stump grinding tools, the professionals generally grind the stumps and turn them into fresh mulch. The stump grinding professionalists generally use advanced and high-powered machines to grind the tree stump. Regardless of the tree stump size, the same will be ground into the ground so that no part of the stump remains above the ground.

Stump grinders are machines with blades. The machine’s work is to grind away the stumps of the tree into pieces within minutes. These grinders come in different shapes and sizes. Hence, professionals use them accordingly to eliminate stumps on the ground.

Stump Grinding

Types of stump grinders

  • Hand-used grinders

These are small and light in weight, and easily portable. You will find professionals carrying them along with the other tools. They are easy to use and majorly used for medium-width stumps.

  • Skid grinders

They are machine-operated grinders, and a driver is required to operate them. They are majorly required when professionals grind bigger and thicker stumps. They have track treads attached, so they don’t churn up soil when grinding the stump. Thus you’ll get a mess-free stump grinding process.

  • Rear hitch grinders

They are also known as wheeled stump grinders and are used when you need to grind off a very big stump. They are generally attached to either the trucks or the trailers.

  • Stump grinder attachments

Professionals majorly use this when the homeowner already has a big truck. They bring the stump grinder attachments and fix the same to the tractor. They work effectively and clear off the mess.

Risks involved in tree stumps are not removed

  • Can cause accidents

Stumps are present in the middle of the garden. They are thick and can hurt if children or pets play around the same. People can trip and fall over if they cannot view a stump.

  • Disturbs the aesthetics

When the stumps are not removed, they become infested with pests and flies. Thus it becomes an eyesore within the property. They invite unwanted pests, termites and ants as well.

  • Reduces the property value

Leaving a stump unattended in a property can reduce the aesthetics of the property. This reduces the property value as well.

  • It helps in spreading diseases

Since the stump becomes the home of pests, termites, ants and wood-boring insects, they gradually spread into the house. Thus a stump can cause diseases for inhabitants and the trees as well.

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