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20 Oct
Three Major Signs You Need To Call The Tree Surgeon For Any Gardening Task?

What if you realised that you were too late for your favourite tree?

A good tree surgeon in Dorking will help you care for the trees and ensure your home garden looks great. However, the sad part is that many homeowners only know when to call the expert once it is too late.

If you want to protect the trees, you need to know the warning signs your trees have. Keep reading the blog to find the major signs indicating it is high time to call the tree surgeon.

Signs That You Need To Call Tree Surgeon-

Dead Branches

If you are considering whether you need to call the tree surgeon, you might have a question: How exactly can you tell that the trees are dying?

One of the biggest warning signs of dying trees is the presence of dead branches. A dead branch will have a different colour than a healthy tree. It might have difficulty holding the shape of the tree. If you need clarification, there is a fast way to check it. Pluck a small stick from the branch and break it into two pieces. Healthy branches will be difficult to break and will be green on the inside.

Damage to the Roots Area

Another major warning sign that the tree is facing danger is when there is damage to the root area. Though you cannot see the damaged root, some signs indicate the same. One of the biggest signs is to see when the tree is wilting. This means that the roots are not getting enough nutrients to keep the branches healthy. When you witness a tree wilting, calling a reliable Tree Surgeon in Redhill is good. The experts will help inspect root damage and, if needed, assist in removing the same.

Leaning of the Trees

A leaning tree is another sign that the tree is dying. However, some degree of lean is natural. But, if the tree is leaning too much than normal, it is leaning more than 15 degrees or more, then there is surely an issue with the tree.

Leaning trees are another sign of damaged roots. A leaning tree is also dangerous as it might fall over and cause lots of damage to the property.

Now, you know the different warning signs to call the tree surgeon. But do you know which surgeon you can rely on? Arboright has a team of professional tree surgeons who will help cut trees, remove dead trees, and maintain trees. To know more, explore the website.