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08 Feb
How to Remove Tree Stumps Successfully Without Causing Harm?

If you’re dealing with large tree stumps, then removing the same with the help of the tree surgeon is essential. Professional tree surgeons will know the way around the trees and the techniques to cut the same and trim down the necessary parts of the tree without causing physical harm to the system. Professional tree surgeons in Surrey have the necessary equipment like stump grinders to remove the tree stumps successfully.

There are circumstances when you can remove the tree stumps all by yourself. However, this situation is possible only when the tree stump is smaller in size and width. However, here are some common tree stump removal ideas implemented by different professionals for the stump removal process.

3 Ways to Remove Stumps Successfully

Dig up the Stump

If the stump’s size is small, then the professionals generally dig up the same with smaller spades. However, this is not a preferred DIY method as it might cause high back pain. Professionals know the safe points where they can easily dig around the roots and dig up the stump out of the same easily. Some of the tree surgeons prefer cutting off the roots and removing the stump depending on the width of the same. With the use of a shovel, it is easier to get rid of the rest of the stump.

Use a Chemical Stump Remover

Chemicals can also be used to remove the stump successfully. However, this is a hazardous method as applying the chemical on the wrong part of the stump can damage the tree’s growth. Hiring professionals is thus required as they will guide you well about the part of the tree stump where the chemicals should be applied. Moreover, they also know the type of chemical that should be used to remove the stumps successfully.

Burning up the Stump

You can burn the stump if you’re unable to remove the same. However, this is generally not recommended as it might give rise to wildfires and damage the plant’s growth. However, sometimes a stump becomes so thick that it might not be able to remove, dig or cut the same to separate from the grown. Under such circumstances, burning is the only option left. Professional tree surgeons remove all the remains after being burned to clear off the area.

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