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07 Oct
How To Choose the Best Kind of Tree Surgeons?

Tree Surgery help keep the surroundings look neat and organised. It involves tree cutting, pruning, trimming, and felling. You cannot do the job independently without expert help. There are different kinds of tree experts in the market offering tree surgery services. You should ensure to choose the right tree surgeon in Dorking to damage and other injuries to the property.

In this blog, we will take a look at the factors you should consider while hiring the right tree surgeon.

Know-How to Select a Tree Surgeon

1. Checking the qualifications

As a customer, one of the major things to know is whether they have qualifications to perform their service. Your task is to make sure if the surgeon you consult is well trained and knowledgeable.

Tree Surgeons should have qualification from NPTC or the (City & Guilds National Proficiency Test Council). It is an industry standard skill that every expert must have. It covers the cross-cutting of timber, onsite preparation, chainsaw maintenance, processing and felling of trees with 200-380 diameter and over 380mm diameter. If the tree is larger, the surgeon must have NPTC Unit 301.

Check the relevant certificates the tree surgeon has, or else you can run into trouble.

2. Experience

Check the total years of experience which the tree surgeon has in the industry. More experience is an assurance of their quality craftsmanship and safety standards. Check it by looking at the dates attained to his certification. You can look up at the company registration dates.

3. Insurance

Every tree surgeon should, by law, hold liability insurance of a specific amount. This benefit is essential for the customers. It covers the damages or injuries caused by tree cutting (if any) within the property. Check their certificates to assess the insurance cover and ask about the insurance claims history. If you notice a clean record, it indicates a safe and professional service. This combined with rigorous tree management as part of everyday work practice make the surgeons professional. Without insurance, you can fall at severe risk.

4. Reviews

Before hiring the tree surgeon, make sure to check the online reviews and feedback of their work. You can ask the person for references to cross-check about the services. Scour the internet and visit their company page. If any odd and negative review puts you off, you can re-consider the decision of working with them.

5. Price

Ask for a price quotation from the tree surgeon so that you can make your budgetary estimate. You should stay away from cheap quotes while, at the same time, not pay excess money. This way, you can get an excellent value for the job.

The tree surgeons at Arboright provide professional services for large tree felling, tree removal, stump grinding or more. They perform seasonal work to keep the trees healthy.