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07 May
How Does a Tree Surgeon Help after High Winds?

The lousy weather storms impact the lives of the people and their properties in the UK to a great extent.  The storms and the high winds wreak havoc on trees. That’s why often trees need to be removed after a major storm. The main reason for felling the trees under a stormy circumstance is to permit safe passage and protect people and properties. Thus, a tree surgeon in Dorking often plays a vital role after a violent outburst of nature.

Quick action must be taken when a tree poses any risk.  Many a time, to ensure a swift response, a wrong decision is made. Hence, often a tree with minimum damage is removed without putting much emphasis on the level of damage. An experienced r=tree surgeon is the right person to help in such situations. Although trees are not always the priority when it comes to eliminating the risk of personal injury or property damage, still, it is better to seek advice from an expert tree surgeon in Dorking.

Alternate Solutions after a Stormy Hazard

It is not essential to remove a tree always after a storm or high wind. There are sufficient alternatives like crown restoration work. It is wise to analyse thoroughly whether the removal is an absolute necessity. The tree damaged by the storm should be evaluated well, and then proper remedial measure should be taken. The perfect remedy can make a great deal of difference.

Pruning is another effective measure to create a positive impact on the damaged tree. This will help in maintaining the integrity of the structure of the tree. It minimises the risks of failure as well. Crown restoration, on the other hand, helps in restoring the tree’s crown in a balanced way. It helps the tree to develop in a better way and encourage growth.

So, after lousy weather spell the demand for tree surgeons increases. People being more concerned about their safety and the impact of the weather on the property, so they want to have a decent idea about handling the risk. An experienced and expert professional will put forth the right set of rules to maintain the condition of the tree in a robust or damaged condition.

Here are some essential benefits of crown restoration

  • Removal or reduction of damaged branches.
  • Removal of hangers or other hazards
  • Cutting of exposed branches.
  • Restoring the balance of the tree’s crown.

A storm or wind damage often leads to exposure of branches. The tree restores the crown with the aid of pruning. It also helps in straightening the tree. Even if the damaged tree is not posing any problem immediately, but still it is often anticipated that it might raise an issue in the future. So, it is wise for the owner of the property to be proactive to take proper care of the property and the people around it. So, if you are seeking professional guidance, get in touch with an experienced tree surgeon at the earliest.