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15 Apr
Hire An Experienced Tree Surgeon To Prune Your Trees In Summer

If you are one of those people who think that pruning trees is an easy task, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Pruning is necessary to maintain your tree health. Experienced tree surgeons know the right method of removing diseased, broken and damaged limbs without damaging your trees. Removing them will also save your tree from future decay.

Though there are numerous benefits of pruning the apple and pear trees in your garden in summer, make sure you hire experienced tree surgeons for the task instead of trying a DIY. They are aware of the various benefits of summer pruning and the spots which require special attention. When the right tree pruning process is followed, the trees in your garden won’t need much energy to produce fruits.

2 Things To Follow When Pruning Apple Or Pear Trees In Summer

  • Prune them like other tip-bearing trees as both apple and pear form at the tips of the branches and not along it. You have to prune them with more attention.
  • Avoid excessive pruning if the tree is a bit dormant. The food factory of the tree will reduce if the foliage is cut away. Wait for the tree to mature before you call a tree surgeon.

Impact Of Last Year Pruning

Experienced tree surgeons in Dorking are aware of the fact that fruit formation this year is dependent on how the apple and pear trees were pruned last summer. The effect of summer pruning is very important so hire tree experts instead of trying a DIY. Professional summer pruning will not only improve crop this year but also improve the quality and quantity of apples and pears in your garden the next year. Pruners assess the condition of the tree before customising their services. It is easy to determine the age of the shoots by examining it minutely. If it is soft for most of its length, you can assume that the shoot has grown this year. They will also become more vigorous and leafy.

Why Apple And Pear Trees Require Pruning?

Fruits can mature easily when there’s no shade. Let more sunshine and air reach the fruits by pruning the tree properly. Not only will it help in increasing the sweetness and size of the fruits but even its colour. Professional pruning will also make it easier for you to pick them and the tree will become less prone to pests and diseases. Shade and still air will create a damp and dark space and harm the tree’s growth. If air and light can enter the inner branches of your apple tree easily, it will become healthier.

Know The Right Time For Summer Pruning

Mid-summer or the time between June and August is considered to be the best time to prune the apple and pear trees in your garden. Your tree surgeon might also start pruning them early summer if they feel that the trees have matured. These being said, it’s time you start looking for experienced tree surgeons to prune your apple and pear trees.