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21 Sep
Crown Reduction or Tree Topping- Which Is Good For Trees?

Large trees look good, and they are majestic. However, they become dangerous for the homeowners when they grow too big. Tall trees might fall down during heavy storms and damage the power lines. If you have a large tree on your property, it is high time to call for experts like a tree surgeon in Surrey who knows how to trim it correctly.

There are two processes to trim the tree and get it back to shape- tree topping and crown reduction. Though initially, these methods look similar, they vary greatly. Hence, it is very important to know the difference between these two. It will further help you to make the right choice for trees.

The Pros and Cons of Tree Topping & Crown Reduction

Tree Topping

Tree topping, also called hat-racking, is an aggressive technique that involves removing the crown of a tree and leaving only the stumps and lateral branches. You can also hear the term “rounding over” by tree surgeons to tip or remove a head portion of the tree.

  • The Advantages Of Tree Topping

Tree topping is good when the tree is completely damaged due to natural disasters. This technique is the final method to save the tree, which has a minimal chance of survival. Skilful tree topping service by experienced tree surgeons having minimal chance of survival.

  • Cons of Tree Topping

Tree topping does harm to the tree. Even some professional arborists frown upon this technique. This process is also illegal in several jurisdictions. Removing excessive foliage from trees reduces the ability to nourish themselves. The trees become too vulnerable to sunburn and damage without branches and leaves.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the tree pruning technique that reduces the tree’s foliage while you maintain the crown. It removes bulk without altering the shape of the tree. The arborist trims 20-25% of the tree’s branches. This percentage is much less as compared to tree topping.

  • The Advantages Of Crown Reduction

The crown reduction comes with lots of benefits. This technique reduces wounds and promotes the normal attractive growth of the trees. Crown reduction is very good for fruit trees. It improves the airflow and sun exposure inside the canopy of the trees.

  • Cons of Crown Reduction

The crown reduction comes with many benefits, but it comes with lots of draw backs, too. It puts stress on trees. Removing branches and foliage reduces the ability to get nourished. However, the advantages outweigh the risks if the process is done at the right time. You can consult the Tree Surgeon in Dorking to have the best crown reduction done properly.

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