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10 Jun
5 Reasons You Must Remove a Rotting Tree Stump

It is essential that before calling the tree removal specialists, you have to cut down the dead tree from your garden. Then, you have to select a place to store the tree after cutting. Besides, it takes a lot of time to remove the rotting tree stump. The rotting tree stump gives you a lot of trouble if it is left in the ground. If the tree is near your building, then it might damage the property as well. Here are a few serious reasons you should remove the rotting tree stump.

Rotting Tree Stump Can be a Physical Obstacle

A rotting tree stump can stand out as a physical obstacle. A tree stump can be dangerous for human beings and animals as well. Therefore, you might come across hazards ranging from a grazed knee to a severe injury. So, it’s imperative to remove the tree to keep your locality safe. Besides, stumps are hazardous for your children; they can easily get hurt by the tree stumps. If you cannot do it by yourself, then hiring a professional would be a good idea. Getting in touch with an efficient Tree surgeon in Dorking to remove the rotting tree would be the right call.

Damage Garden Machinery

Trees form an essential part of our society, and it’s vital for our environment as well. Still, tree stumps are not the perfect choice to have in your garden. They can damage your garden equipment to a great extent. If the tree stump falls on the lawnmower, then it can easily break it down to pieces. So, you have to protect your garden machinery. Hence, you need to remove the rotting tree stump by taking the help of the professionals.

Making Garden Maintenance a Difficult Affair

If you have tree stumps around your garden, then it’s tough to maintain your garden correctly. Also, the professionals would always suggest keeping your garden area clean, though it takes a lot of hard work and money. If you are a gardener, then it can give you some disabilities. If you are new to gardening, then you can face difficulties while maintaining the rotting tree stump. Also, it can give you trouble if you have a rented property. So, you must seek professional help to remove the rotting tree stump.

Growth of New Tree Might be Troublesome

If you leave the tree stump without giving much attention, then it might give rise growth of baby trees around the stump. They can be troublesome because after removing them they will keep coming back and then you have to use chemicals to kill them which might harm other plants in the garden. The complete process is quite costly, as well. So, you need a tree surgeon in Dorking to reduce the growth of the small tress. Stumps attract insects also, which is annoying too.