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09 May
4 Things You Should Consider Before Hiring a Tree Surgeon

Tree surgery is an important task to keep your garden in the best condition. The dead stumps and branches of the tree pose a potential threat. It can cause accidents. As a homeowner, you should keep an eye to eliminate these problems.

Why Hire Tree Surgeon?

The best way to remove the dead trees is to hire the service of a tree surgeon. They are the experts who can provide all the necessary assistance required for this work. However, while booking one, make sure that they live up to their reputation.

How to Select An Experienced Tree Surgeon?

We have compiled the top 4 things you should notice before hiring a tree surgeon in Redhill. Considering these things will help you hire someone who can perform the task with ease.

  1. Look for Credentials: An inexperienced tree surgeon generally doesn’t have many credentials to show. Look out for individuals like these and avoid them at all costs. Find someone who has their own website or at least handbills and flyers for communication. With this process, you can find an expert quickly.
  2. Essential Qualifications: Like any other job, you should check the qualifications of a tree surgeon too. We are talking about the necessary certificates and accreditations of the operator. They should at least have an NPTC accreditation. The work should be performed to Health and Safety Executive Guidelines with Environmental Restrictions.
  3. Past Works: If a tree surgeon claims to be an expert in this field, ask them about their past works. You can check the service page of their website too. Here you can get honest reviews of past customers. Lesser number of reviews or high negative reviews are some of the red flags to look out for.
  4. Ask About Equipment: Tree surgery involves a number of professional instruments. You should make sure that your surgeon has all of them in store. You should also have clear communication in case you need a specialized service. Also, do not forget to ask whether they are trained to use the equipment properly.

If you find positive responses to all these queries, you can hire a tree surgeon for your service. Hiring someone with no professional experience can be a costly decision.

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