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29 Jan
4 Signs to Alert You about Calling for an Experienced Tree Surgeon

If you are the proud possessor of a small piece of the garden, then it must be one of your top priorities to make it look beautiful and vibrant at all time. It is not always about putting your best effort to have your garden at its best health; sometimes, it is also required that you must avail professional support to maintain the well being of your prized yard. A tree surgeon is one relevant professional to ensure that your garden remains beautiful and healthy at the same time. Trees are the most significant landscaping elements in any garden, but you need to carry out specific responsibilities with them. As they end up being in the wrong place or as they age, then you must get them removed or pruned. This is a job that not all can handle, and so a professional tree surgeon in Dorking needs to be called in. Now, how to understand that which is the right time to call the expert. Here are the most critical instances that call for a tree surgeon.

4 Critical Signs to Warn You about Contacting a Tree Surgeon

Damage Due to Storm

Storms are undoubtedly the worst calamities to harm your garden and home to a great extent.  Broken branches have a terrible impact on the tree’s health. The interior of the trees get exposed to damaging elements outside. Hence, in this situation, it would be a wise decision to have a tree with several broken branches removed with the help of an expert tree surgeon.

Crossed Branches

The branches of the tree keep growing over time, but as they develop far enough to cross another, then it tends to hamper the health of the tree to a great extent. As the branches come over each other, then friction occurs as they rub against one another. This damages the bark of the tree, and if proper care is not taken at that time, the branch starts decaying, and soon it spreads to the other parts of the tree as well. So, the best thing to do is to call a tree surgeon to have the tree pruned.

Nearness to buildings or sidewalks

When the tree is ageing, then the roots start guiding its position. Eventually, the tree starts leaning to some structure or a pedestrian area. This is something you should not indulge in as otherwise, it might give rise to safety issues. So, avail the advice of a tree surgeon and take necessary actions.

Deep cracks in the bark

As the tree develops deep cracks in its bark, then take it as a warning that the tree is suffering from some disease and need your, care, love, and attention. Prune it as soon as possible, and your tree will be lush and healthy once again.

If you have observed any of your trees suffering from any of the signs mentioned above, then find a qualified tree surgeon in Dorking.  Arboright is a reputed name in offering efficient arboricultural services at a competitive price.