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10 Jan
3 Ways to Save your Trees Using Pollarding Services

Pollarding or pruning is a significant action that helps to keep your trees and shrubs in good condition. Earlier, the pruning technique was used to extract firewood. However, tree pollarding is a new concept, and it has helped in the growth of trees over the years.

Tree surgeons in Dorking use pollarding methods to reduce the heights of the plants. If you have a big tree in your neighbourhood bothering you, pollarding is the best option.

How Pollarding Can Help in the Growth of the Trees?

  • Transformation of Trees

In pollarding, thinning out the dry leaves and extra branches helps the tree live a little longer. Through pollarding, the dead parts of the trees are removed. The tree gets rejuvenated again. The process is similar to the concept of human hair cut. You trim down the damaged parts of your hair to ensure a complete growth of the same. Do the same with your trees.

  • Helps in Tree Growth

With time the growth rate of the trees becomes slower. Tree surgeons thus suggest using pollarding techniques to ensure faster growth. Once the unwanted bushes, branches and leaves are cut off, the sunlight reaches the end of the roots. On the other hand, if you don’t prune the trees, the leaves and branches will grow and reach the ground.

  • Improves Roof Safety

The unwanted growth of the trees can prove dangerous for the roofs of the houses. Under a sudden storm, the branches might fall on roofs and break them. Thus, it is advisable to keep them pruned and short to avoid accidents. Get rid of the extra branches that might harm your roofs. The instances of dangerous tree falls are widespread in stormy weather conditions. These fallen trees affect the tops and hamper the wirings of the house.

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